Products & Services

What do we offer

Moshulu Enterprise Partners offers a comprehensive range of products and professional services, including mentoring, fundraising, market analysis. We create, manage and own the company created around the invention while the IP of the product is with the inventor.
What we are providing today is an affordable and much faster market entry to companies with our selected service provider partners.

The following is the standard package of services offered to Moshulu Enterprise Partners Portfolio Companies.  The combination of services components may vary with the needs of each business according to its stage of development.

Service Moshulu Enterprise Partners Other Incubators / Accelerators Notes
Capital Raising/Corporate Finance Success fee only
Professional advisory team supporting, mentoring company for 3-5 years Equity participation to align interests with Founders
Overseeing mergers and acquisition for both local and international companies Independent contract
Advising on asset sales and strategic alliances Independent contract
Devising M&A financing strategies Independent contract
Conducting business valuations and fairness opinions Independent contract
Organisational development Customised program
Recruiting Success fee only
Patent Attorney Independent Director
Chief Financial Officer Part of Management Team
Senior IP Advisor Part of Management Team
Senior Industry/Technology Specialist Adviser Part of Management Team
Program Office/Risk Manager Part of Management Team
In-Country Commercialization Adviser (US and Europe based) Part of Management Team
1 Offshore Private Company holding IP/Patents/Rights At cost
Intellectual Property Review/IP Audit At cost
Provisional Patent/PCT International Patent No cost
Logo design No cost
Website (standard) No cost
Brochure/Collateral Development/Design No cost
Investment Memorandum No cost
Portfolio Company Agreement No cost
Shareholders Agreement No cost
Intellectual Property License and Sub-license Agreements No cost
Confidentiality Agreement No cost
Employment Agreement No cost



These professional services are provided at cost or at no cost to the Innovator at start-up/early stage or during Seed Capital raising, until series A Capital Raising has been successfully completed.