Benefits to Professionals

Professionals and organizations eligible to join Moshulu Enterprise Partners as a Certified Professional Partner (CPP) include:

  • Advisors
  • Corporate finance experts
  • Patent Attorneys
  • Accountants
  • Engineering Services
  • Industrial Designers
  • Software Developers


To join Moshulu Enterprise Partners as a Certified Professional Partner (CPP) is a simple 4–step process:

  1. Please send an e-mail to register your interest in joining Moshulu Enterprise Partners
  2. You will be contacted by our chief officer to arrange a meeting to present yourself or your executive team.  This is an opportunity to ask questions and review the synergies with your professional practice.
  3. If you elect to join Moshulu Enterprise Partners you will be required to enter into our standard Certified Professional Member Licence Agreement.
  4. Upon joining Moshulu Enterprise Partners we will link your website to the Moshulu’s Enterprise Partners portal to access Moshulu’s products and services, co-brand and facilitate cross-referral of new business with other Certified Professional Partners.


This agreement will detail the Moshulu Enterprise Partners’s products and service packages, referral arrangements and remuneration.  These are described on the Benefits page of this website.


By joining Moshulu Enterprise Partners, you  will widen the range of products and services  available to Clients, grow revenues with new referrals for existing services, enjoy new product revenues, participate in your Clients’ long-term success and retain selected  Client where previously unmet needs required their referral to another professional.