About us


The Moshulu Enterprise Partners is a cessionary company of Moshulu Group founded in 2014 to architect businesses. We worked with over 600 European innovators to develop ideas into products, loans into investments, and local companies to into global corporations and support them with seed and angel investments.


Expectations have shifted and will continue to do so

Investors are now looking for market-ready products and want to see pitch decks that feature the content they’re expecting. Moshulu’s Founder partnered with selective high net worth individuals in California to be able to provide the mindset of how to convert an idea into a company. We tell you how to take an invention and make it into a business, raise funding, market and sell the product globally. We help you to find the right joint venture partner or prepare your company for a merge & acquisition or buyout.

Moshulu Enterprise Partners now offers a comprehensive range of products and professional services, including mentoring, fundraising, market analysis, M&A services. We create, manage and own the company created around the invention while the IP of the product is with the inventor. What we are providing today is an affordable and much faster market entry to companies with our selected service provider partners.

"Working with startups is harder than you think. I believe great companies start with great people. Great companies can be built anywhere and great companies are not built alone. The startup ecosystem, after all, is built on networks of people that help each other out." said our Founder, Livia Judith Szabo

We know that today is different than yesterday. We're committed to helping businesses evolve with the everchanging landscape and adopt new technologies. And that is empowering every business. Everywhere.